: CSGO EMP team announced that Eastern Europe's pipsoN will be the coach

22.05.2017, 11:31
Since the end of last year, founder of XiXi and Edward in the care of the daily affairs of the club and coach part-time team, both inside and outside the stadium to help young players to improve. Recently, EMP officially announced that Daniel, pipsoN, from Russia, will be invited to serve as a team coach for Mescheryakov.

22 year old, pipsoN, earlier this year has been active in Eastern Europe in the CSS and CSGO, Has many years as competitors' experience, once with flamie, WorldEdit, Valde and other well-known players shoulder to shoulder, and accumulated a wealth of experience in line competition. PipsoN, who is composed and passionate, is passionate about research, tactics and analysis, plus his patient style of teaching, and believes that EMP's young players will be substantially improved.
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In this regard, XiXi said he had been looking for ways to improve the team since the club was founded. "I have a high position on the role of the coach. Because I think our players have very strong individual ability, so we need to find someone who can bring us the understanding and play of foreign games. At this point, pipsoN took the initiative to find me. After communicating, I decided to give him a week's trial to see the effect. But on the third day of the trial, I decided to sign him. Because under his guidance, the team's progress is obvious, his coaching method is very effective for us." In addition, XiXi also said, "pipsoN is very sincere, I trust him very much, no long winded business negotiations between us. After a period of training, he proved his ability.
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Currently, pipsoN is also leading the team in Russia on an online and remote basis, and he will join the team next month in Shanghai. With the addition of pipsoN, EMP will enable the following line-up to compete in this year's events:
YuFan Yvonne Guo

  Yue AE Yu

  JunChao Raining Zhang

  WenXuan Ling Zhong

  Chao M4R777iN Ma (Player and analyst)

  ZongRui Rv1 Li (Substitute)

  Daniel pipsoN Mescheryakov (Coach) [Russian]

26.05.2017, 17:47